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America250PA Accepting Artist Submissions

America250PA is accepting design submissions from Pennsylvania artists for the ‘Bells Across PA’ art series to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the United States in 2026. The selected artists will execute their designs on bell sculptures.

These fiberglass bells will be adorned and magically transformed by local artists and sponsored by businesses or individuals. Our goal is to place at least one bell in each of the 67 counties across Pennsylvania. We hope for many more!

Exterior bells can be placed beginning April 2025 through the end of December 2025. All bells must be in place by December 31, 2025 and remain on display through December 31, 2026. Interior bell placement timing will vary.

‘Bells Across PA’ is open to all Pennsylvania artists and groups from the acclaimed to the amateur. Painters, sculptors, craftsmen, multi-media artists, and other wildly creative people are all encouraged to apply. Each commissioned bell will receive one honorarium regardless of group size.

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