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COVID-19 ARPA PA Arts and Culture Recovery Program (PACR)

The COVID-19 ARPA PA Arts and Culture Recovery Program (PACR) is now open. Applications will be accepted between December 5, 2022 – February 28, 2023 through DCED’s Electronic Single Application. This program was created to provide grants to nonprofit arts and culture organizations, local arts and culture districts, and arts and culture professionals located in the Commonwealth to ensure the stability and recovery of the Commonwealth’s arts and culture sector from the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to determining whether you will submit an application, please carefully review the guidelines here. This program is offered through, and funding decisions will be made by, the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).

The maximum grant is 25% of the operating budget for the most recently completed fiscal year or $500,000, whichever is less, per eligible applicant. The minimum grant award is $25,000 per eligible applicant. Eligible arts and culture organizations must be one of the following categories to be eligible for funding through the COVID-19 ARPA PA Arts and Culture Recovery Program:

  • Arts Organization

  • Culture Organization

  • Arts or Culture Organization that manages a Local Arts or Culture District

  • Children’s Museum

  • General Museum with at least two equally significant disciplines

  • History Museum or Historical Site

  • Military or Maritime Museum

  • Natural History Museum

  • Accredited Zoo

  • Planetarium

  • Science and Technology Center

  • Orchestra

  • Art Museum

  • Performing Arts Organization

  • Public Gardens

Pandemic Payments to Art and Culture Professionals

A nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation or foundation, a unit of government or school district that serves as a local regranting organization for the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA).

For more information, please visit

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