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The Charles E. Humphreys Pavilion at Pine Creek Park

Updated: Jun 24

If you've walked the trails at Pine Creek Park, you may have come across the Palmer House. West Pikeland Township purchased the house and 17 acres in 1996 and added the parcel to the Pine Creek Park parcel, enlarging the park and adding several trails behind the house and pond. For many years, the township rented the house to tenants, until repair costs to the house became prohibitive. Since then, our Public Works Department used the garage to store plows and salt spreaders. Due to it's continued deterioration, the Board of Supervisors applied for and was awarded a Local Share Account grant to demolish the structure.

Demolition has been completed at the former Palmer House at Pine Creek Park. The township is pleased to announce that a gazebo will be dedicated on this site in honor of former West Pikeland Township Supervisor Charlie Humphreys, who passed away in November of 2021. Mr. Humphreys was a longtime resident of the township and served many years on the Board of Supervisors., four of them as Chair. His passion for land preservation served our township well in maintaining the beauty and integrity of open space in Chester County, and it is with great honor that the township dedicates the new pavilion in Charlie's name.

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