Giant Food Donation to Police

The West Pikeland Police Department would like to thank the Giant Food Store in East Bradford for their generous donation during these difficult times. This month Giant Food Stores dropped off 2 loads of Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap and Alcohol wipes to the West Pikeland Police Department for us to distribute to local First Responders Stations. This picture is one of two loads donated.

This is not the first time that Giant has dropped off items for West Pikeland Police to distribute to Police Departments, Fire Stations, Homeless shelters and other emergency departments. Two years ago Giant decided to discontinue selling a certain brand of batteries and was unable to return the batteries for refund, so they dropped off several large containers of all different size batteries and they were given to 14 Police Departments, 9 Fire Stations, 4 Public Works departments and several other nonprofits.

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