Kimberton Carriage Drive - June 18

The Second Annual Kimberton Hunt Club Carriage Drive will be taking place on June 18th.

Their route will be from Jaine Lane, through the village of Yellow Springs and return to Jaine Lane.

Please feel free to come see the carriages off or in the village of Yellow Springs. They will be through the village between 2:15pm and 2:30pm.

Tentative Route - if your home falls on it be sure to wave!

Jaine Lane

Horseshoe Trail East

Left onto Art School Road through the village

Onto private lands and off the road for loop & water break for horses

Back onto Art School Road near Miller Road

Miller Road towards St. Matthews

St. Matthews back to Horseshoe Trail

Hollow Road towards Birchrunville

Birchrun Road to Jaine Lane

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