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Residential Trash Issues

In recent weeks, trash and recycling collections have posed challenges and frustrations. The Township acknowledges and values every individual who has reached out concerning their specific household. We recognize the widespread collection issues and empathize with your frustration. We also understand that reaching Blosenski has proven difficult, requiring extensive time on hold and multiple unanswered messages.

We have spoken to A.J. Blosenski on behalf of township residents several times, and have been told that the issues are due to route changes. We encourage residents to continue to contact A.J. Blosenski when trash/recycling is not picked up.

As always, we are available to listen to your concerns. You can reach us at 610-590-5300 or

Trash Haulers that service our township:

  • Whitetail Disposal 

  • (610) 754-0103​

  • A.J Blosenski 

  • (610) 942-2707​

  • Phoenix Disposal (In-Driveway Service ONLY)

  • (610) 933-4100​

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