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Sustainability Summit for HOAs - April 30, 2024 @ 6pm via Zoom

Interest in sustainability is growing in Chester County, and many HOA decision-makers and residents are wondering what they can do to adopt greener practices while keeping costs low. The Chester County Planning Commission is hosting a Sustainability Summit to highlight HOAs who are leading the charge to make their communities greener, and to share information and resources on the sustainable practices that matter most to you.

Sustainability Success Stories: Hear about the sustainability initiatives several Chester County HOAs have put into place in their communities.

Sustainable Landscaping: This presentation will highlight landscaping options that focus not only on aesthetics but also on using native plants, reducing mowed lawn areas, and minimizing herbicide and fertilizer usage.

Tree Care for HOAs: Many HOAs are experiencing dead and dying trees in their woodland areas, and this presentation will discuss what to do about those trees, how to replace them, and effective ways to steward your community’s woodland for optimal tree health for the future.

Solar Power in HOAs: With an increase in interest in residential solar power, this presentation will share the benefits of solar, and how communities can explicitly allow solar while still considering uniformity and aesthetics.

Register to attend in-person or virtually:

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