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Work Continues on Public Works Facility

August 24, 2023 Update: The building is now under roof awaiting the final metal roof. Interior walls and electric wiring are currently being installed, as well as plumbing for the bathroom and break room.

Fill dirt has been hauled off site and interior painting is planned for next week.

We will keep you posted as the building nears completion!

June 24, 2023 Update: The framing for concrete were finished and the walls have been poured.

In October 2020, the Palmer Horse Barn, located in Pine Creek Park, burned to the ground. The fire was so intense that all that remained was the melted weather vane atop the cupola and several other destroyed pieces of equipment. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and the township remains grateful to Lionville Fire Company and Kimberton Fire Company for their quick response that kept the fire from spreading to neighboring homes. The barn, which the township used as a storage facility, was a complete loss.

In April 2023, after years of planning, the Board of Supervisors approved construction of a replacement facility to be located at Walnut Lane Park, off of Rt. 401. The facility will be located next to the township's salt shed, and will be a bank barn with storage for township vehicles, plows, salt spreaders, road and landscaping equipment, street signs and the Public Works office.

Stop by the park to check on the progress! We will keep residents up to date with photos during the construction phase.

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