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Did You Know?

The West Pikeland Township Board of Supervisors is launching a multi-step campaign series aimed at providing township residents with a clearer understanding of their annual property tax bills. Recognizing the importance of transparency and community engagement, the initiative seeks to demystify the complex components Property Taxes: School, County and Township. The campaign series will also explain township expenses and where your tax dollars go.


Residents can expect to receive three postcards between now and September. Additionally, this page will be updated for each informational phase, so check back  often!

 The first phase of the Did You Know Campaign will explain the different types of property taxes township residents receive. It will also explain township expenses. You can view the 2024 West Pikeland Township budget herePublic comment will be available on this page and by email.

The second phase of the Did You Know Campaign will provide a comparison between our township and neighboring townships regarding services provided and millage rates. It will also explain what the future of our township looks like with the current tax millage of .5.  Public comment will be available on this page and by email.


The third phase of the Did You Know Campaign will share the public comments the Township has collected and what we have heard from residents.  It will also discuss how any proposed changes, if any, will affect residents.

What Property Tax Bills Do I Receive as a Township Resident

Episode #1

In Summary

Residents receive 3 property tax bills each year based on the assessed value of your property

You will receive two bills from the Chester County Treasurer in February


1 from the County @ 4.551 mills

1 from the Township @ .8 mills

You will receive one bill from Berkheimer for School Taxes in late summer

1 from Berkheimer @ 29.558 mills

Where Do My Township Taxes Go?

Salaries, Equipment Purchases, Facilities Maintenance, Emergency Response, Labor for Infrastructure Maintenance & Open Space Maintenance
Salaries, Local Government Functions, Information Technology, Tax Collection, Legal
Engineering, Zoning Official, Building Code Officer, Zoning Hearing Board, Planning, Parks and Recreation
Salaries, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management & Ambulance and Fire Contributions
Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 9.57_edited.png
Improvements and Repairs to Roads and Bridges, Road Maintenance Materials, Snow removal
Bond Payment to Purchase Walnut Lane Park and Road Repairs

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