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West Pikeland Township maintains township roads only. For a complete listing of Township Roads click here. For state roads, contact PennDOT at 800-FIX-ROAD or

What does maintain mean? Pothole issues, snow plowing, storm drain issues, road sign issues are handled by PennDOT on state roads. If there is an item in the roadway, we will remove it in an emergency. Contact us here


Art School Road (if making a left at HYS)

Byers Road

Clover Mill Road

Conestoga Road (Rt. 401)

Lower Pine Creek Road

Newcomen Road (south of Rt. 401)

Kimberton Road

Seven Oaks Road

Worthington Road

Yellow Springs Road

West Pikeland Township does not maintain Private Roads within the Township.


Cedar Ridge Lane

Mallard Lane

McKinley Lane

Poplar Hill Road

Stonecroft Lane

Tip Top Lane

Valley Lane

Wexford Court

Whitetail Run

All roads in Twin Hills Development

Report a Road Concern
Select Road Issue

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Valley Forge to Downingtown Turnpike Exchange Road Widening

Construction beginning in spring 2023 will widen and reconstruct four-plus miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike from the Downingtown Interchange (Milepost 312) east to the Valley Hill Road bridge (Milepost 316) in Upper Uwchlan, Uwchlan, West Pikeland, and Charlestown Townships in Chester County.

The existing four-lane roadway — with two 12-foot-wide travel lanes in each direction, a 10-foot median, and 12-foot-wide outside shoulders — will be converted into a six-lane facility with three 12-foot travel lanes in each direction, a 26-foot median, and 12-foot-wide outside shoulders



Art School Road Bridge Replacement 2024

Traffic Notice: PennDOT crews will be performing preliminary work on the two bridges located on Art School Road between Yellow Springs Road and Miller Road. Work begins March 4, 2024, and will last two weeks. Flaggers will direct traffic during the work hours of 8:30am to 3:30pm


PennDOT anticipates the Art School Road over Pickering Creek Bridge Replacements project to begin in October 2024.  Prior to resurfacing the road between the two bridges, county maintenance forces will monitor, maintain, and make repairs as needed to Art School Road, including the road between the two bridges scheduled to be resurfaced with the project. 

Art School Road is scheduled for shoulder cutting and side dozing in 2024.  The department’s Chester County Maintenance Unit will continue the sectional activities on the entirety of Art School Road; however, once the bridge replacement project is underway, certain sectional maintenance activities may not be required for the newly resurfaced section of Art School.  The schedule of sectional maintenance for Art School Road is:



  • 2024: Shoulder cut and side doze

  • 2025: complete pipe inspections, flush pipes and tail ditch

  • 2026: pipe replacement where necessary, continue ditch/tail ditch

  • 2027: base repair, patching, crack sealing (in prep for sealcoat)

  • 2028: sealcoat application

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